To Be Gay in the NFL?

I know this post is about a week or so late, but that’s fully intentional, as I often like to let myself simmer a bit before I try to put into words how I feel about something “controversial”.

NFL hopeful Michael Sam came out as gay and meatheads everywhere responded just how I figured they would… with a lack of any understanding. The general consensus from most was not that it was bad that he was gay, but I kept hearing thinks along the line of, “I never came out as straight or married or having kids, why does he have to make his private life public?”

There are so many things about that statement that show a lack of understanding, but the most important thing is that we allow this to be the important stepping stone it should be rather than something to brush back under the rug or worse.

Piggybacking on the proposed rule where players can get flagged and fine for saying “nigger” or “nigga”, should there be as much concern with the way the jock fraternity throws around “fag” or “faggot”?

Rather than say much more, the sportscaster below seems to say it pretty damn well.

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