Overcoming Hate

I pondered a few weeks ago if, for some, hate could be an addiction that one must go through steps to overcome. I just finished reading another autobiographical account of a skinhead overcoming his hate-filled life where a big name Neo-Nazi recruiter awoke to find he was wrong about everything. And this morning, a national symbol of hate, the Reverend Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, passed away.

As someone who hates hatred, I can’t say that I was “sad” that Fred Phelps passed… but in light of recently readings of redemption and overcoming hate and in light of my understanding of what love is supposed to look like, I can also not revel or celebrate in the death of Fred Phelps.


As evidenced above in Radio Free Babylon‘s daily “Coffee with Jesus” comic today, we stoop to the level of the “haters” when we hate and judge them. That’s not to say that, during his life, I would have stood nose to nose with the Reverend and fought against his hatred, but dancing on his grave does nothing to further the goal of love.

Instead, we should learn from those who have reshaped their lives like the aforementioned skinheads, Frank Meeink and TJ Leyden. Instead, we should preach love through our words AND our actions. Instead, we should realize that whatever faith or background we come from doesn’t matter… Jesus teaches us to love… Buddha teaches us to love… Muhammad teaches us to love…

And if your faith and your worldview isn’t teaching you to love people, you may want to take a good hard look at reevaluating your beliefs.

Ok… that’s my soapbox for tonight…

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