Halloween Albums: Re-Animation Festival

Alright! Round two for the Halloween album reviews! Next up is pop-punk/horror punk heroes, Groovie Ghoulies! This is a total flip flop from the Doyle review. Also more friendly! Just good ol’ simple Ramones core rock’n’roll! Great for the whole family. But out of all their amazing albums, which one to review? Today I’ve decided to go with Re-Animation Festival.

This album was released on the almighty famous Lookout! Records in  1997.  Their second release at the time on the label.  And this record rules. There is something about the simplicity and the happy go feeling of the songs that have always brightened up my day. To not worry about anything and just rock out. The first song, Titled “Tunnel of Love”. With plenty of references to E.T and Charles Mason. As I said earlier, this album is kid friendly. The song is a love song and Manson rhymes with mansion. As the first line goes, “I met her at the haunted mansion. She said I looked just like Charles Manson yeah.” No worries! So anyway, the song starts with Kepi Ghoulie singing the first couple of verses with just a guitar. then adding in bass drum in the appropriate parts, and then then the whole band joins in. I personally have turned this song up, plugged my guitar in, and jammed along jumping around like an idiot. Instantly putting me in a good mood no matter what happened that day. Give it a listen!


This record is chuck-full of dance along songs and up next is Graveyard Girlfriend. Kepi’s mash of love songs and horror create a nice balance of happy and spooky. Which is refreshing and a lot of bands nowadays kinda stick to one theme..it gets boring. I was always excited to see how Kepi would mash the two themes together.  And this song is another rock song that gets you up and dancing. Along with “That’s That” which has straight forward lyrics down on the table…


I need you like the flowers need the rain.
I need you like zombies need brains.
I need you like a witch needs a hat.
I need you like black needs a cat.
I need you… and that’s that!

The rest of the album is the same Ghoulie formula. But it never seems to get old. Towards the middle of the album the songs slow down a bit  with “Zombie Crush” and the last song off the album, “If You Need Me”. Perfect close to an album. Almost feels like it would play at the ending of a movie *cough cough, Warm Bodies, cough*.

Then you hear Kepi say after the song ends,
“That’s basically it


Back tracking a little bit, all these songs on this record, are very short and to the point. Power chords. Short and sweet. Take it or leave it. So I ask myself, Why do these short songs make me so happy?

It’s simple, because there so short and to the point (broken record). With the cheesy lyrics and themes, the album is on repeat. And I’m falling in love each time

Something so easy… yet so different. Kepi Ghoulie really created something that only he can do. When Halloween rolls around, the Ghoulies come out… with happy horror songs that gets you into the spirit.


Even if the Ghoulies aren’t together anymore, Kepi still pumps out albums and tours. Truly dedicated to the scene and even mentors young rock group Dog Party, who have released an album on Asian Man Records. Dog Party is also Kepi’s backing band usually, as Kepi Electric.

Also, Kepi has his very own album for kids too! Released in 2012 on Asian Man. If you want an album to put on with your kids in the car get it here… or on Asian Man.


But back to the album I’m reviewing… this record is a personal favorite to me and I highly suggest this.


Hell, if you want to start listening to the Ghoulies this is the first album I would hand you. It only gets better with the rest of their discography to put you in a fun mood no matter what. And according to Asian Man Records, “if you don’t like them, then you must not like fun.”. Do you really want to be known as someone that doesn’t like fun?!?!!!

Also… I’m in a Kepi trading card! Check it out!!

Thanks Kepi!

Lover of punk rock. Plays guitar. Bass. Bum.

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