Elected Chaos

Trump WarholElectoral factual frustration
Polarized reality TV nation
Trump card steaming dump
Political pundit breast pump
Youth passion feeling the Bern
Entitled culture toss and turn
Circle jerk circus debate
Blue state, red state, masturbate
Voting booth pride and prejudice
Realities ignorance is bliss
Broken ones victim guns
Street sweepers, cell sleepers
Terror fearful passes masses
War on drugs and lower classes
Casting stones throw voting booth
Starving children stolen truth

Jeremy Ritch
Jeremy Ritch is a published writer and poet currently traveling the U.S. working on his next book. Jeremy has had many interesting life experiences and you can hear about some of them on Episode 3 of The Farsighted Podcast. You can get your hands on Jeremy's collections of poetry at his Lulu store. If you prefer you books digitally, Sidewalk Stories and Other Poems is available for Kindle at a discount price. The long and the short of it is that Jeremy likes to write and we all like to read what he writes.
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