In Like a Lion… or A Much More Vicious Creature

They say March comes in like a lion, but here at The Farsighted, we know it’s not simply a lion, but instead something much more terrifying and vicious… a scorned woman… or even worse, a scorned woman turned crazed beast!


Rabid (1977) is one of Cronenberg’s less discussed gems. Body horror, body horror, body horror… but that’s to be expected as it is Cronenberg afterall.

…a woman who, after being injured in a motorcycle accident and undergoing a surgical operation, develops an orifice under one of her armpits. The orifice hides a phallic stinger that she uses to feed on people’s blood. Those she feeds upon become infected, whose bite spreads the disease.

She Beast

She Beast (1966) is supposedly a satire, but I’ll be damned if I understand what it’s really about. All I do know is it’s a shame this was never on Mystery Science Theater. Check it out for yourself… you can watch for free, afterall.

See you next week and remember to keep grindin’.

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