A Few Quick Picks

With little to no fanfare, here are just a few quick picks that we recommended in the world of streaming…

He Never Died

He Never Died has recently been added to Netflix. It is really an action drama at it’s heart, though I’ve seen it classified as horror, thriller, and even comedy. None of those labels is really wrong, but none is fully right either. It’s a gripping story with an interesting twist and a few bloody moments. And Henry Rollins is brilliant as the lead actor.

Snow Shark

Also on Netflix you can catch Avalanche of Sharks, the latest in the “shark disaster” creature feature subgenre that’s been all the rage since Ian Zeiring saved us from the first (of what is likely to be many more, with the fourth in production now) Sharknado.

Lady Snowblood

Fandor’s weekly Criterion set is Girls Raising Hell and features the absolutely brilliant Lady Snowblood. Fans of Kill Bill will see all of the great stuff that Quentin ripped off… errr… was inspired by. Or you could be a non-Kill Bill fan like me and still find this film amazing.


Daisies is also part of this week’s selections from the Criterion Collection. It’s one I have yet to watch but heard about in the Cinepunx podcast episode about Czech New Wave. These Criterion picks are only on Fandor for the week so I know I’ll be checking it out any day now, you probably should too.

Stream on, friends, stream on!

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