Feel Good Summer Tunes


In Dentist’s new album you get effortless sounds and good connections. The vibe you get from the music is easy but not sleepy. It gives you the feeling of a casual conversation as does their newest music video for “Meet You There (In Delaware)”.

You get to see a side of the band not shown often which really helps listeners connect with the music in a way uncommon these days. The band’s sound is truly unique with all of their different sounds blending, yet shining on their own. Dentist’s music is easy-going yet exciting and it isn’t hard to move along.


Outer Spaces has a really unique sound that is really fun and bouncy without being all in your face. As soon as I started playing it I started bouncing along. It’s a mix of pop, punk, indie, and almost a classic rock yet it all blends together.

Singer Cara Beth Santalino makes songs personal and really fun to listen to. I can guarantee that you can find an Outer Spaces song to match any occasion. It’s easy to start singing and moving along. I dare you to try to not get them stuck in your head (I failed).


Kaitlyn Fanrak
Music Reviews / Renaissance Woman
Katie is the second youngest person here on Farsighted - the youngest who's allowed to watch a rated R movie or listen to the music she wants to (Cash is 8, but he's getting there). Between reviewing music, being a book addict, making art, dancing, and reading and writing poetry, she is kind of a self-declared Renaissance (wo)man.

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