The Grindhouse Department of Motor Vehicles

This week Two of a Grind hits the road and you get to choose your vehicle. Be it a kickass Harley or a sweet MG A or Porsche, you can ride in style while the Grindhouse Channel presents you with some great exploitation films from the mid 60’s.

The Wild Angels is a very important film in American cinematic history. Angels is the film that paved the way for Easy Rider and popularized the Harley-Davidson motorcyle, being the first film to pair said hog with Peter Fonda. The plot of the film is barely existent, but who needs plot when you have drugs, violence, sex, and a dead guy smoking a joint.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is the story of the three go-go dancers who go on a murder spree, all the while driving some really badass cars. One critic called it the worst script ever written, but it’s gender role reversal could easily be seen as something very subversive and quite feminist in many ways. As it stands, whether you believe it to be a piece of shit or a real work of art, the film is here for you to enjoy in all of it’s splendor.

Sexy, tasteless, and just plain fun. Hop in your classic car, your hog, or your hooptie and enjoy the ride. Sexy ladies and excessive blood & guts make this a double feature with all the trappings you’d expect from the likes of Roger Corman (The Wild Angels) and the filmakers that worked in this specific medium. In other words, these films are a ton of fun.

Keep grindin’!

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