I Just Came for the Brightside Skittles

It seems that everytime I enter a convenience store, Skittles has introduced a new flavor mix. This time the new mix, Brightside, consists of “bright” colors and decidedly Summer-esque flavors. Without further ado…

Kiwi Banana (yellow) – My favorite of all the flavors in this mix. I’ve always had a love for artificial banana flavor which this marries perfectly with a hint of kiwi.

Paradise Punch (blue) – My least favorite. What is paradise punch? As far as I can tell, it isn’t much different from typical fruit punch. Meh.

Tangerine (orange) – This one tastes the most like the actual fruit its based on. Very tangy and delicious.

Watermelon (green) – Probably my second favorite. However, I just really like the way artificial watermelon flavoring tastes.

Pink Lemonade (pink) – Underwhelming is a good word to describe this one, it tastes like lemonade in a pink candy shell. I guess I should have seen that coming.

Rating: StarsStarsStarsStars

Anastasia Byrd
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