Buried Alive 2017: Off to GRANDMA’S HOUSE We Go

Grandma’s House, written and directed by Joshua Giuliano, is a beautifully filmed short horror film that manages to tell a story in eleven minutes without using a single line of dialogue. The film has a cast of two: Lana Locke as Grandma and Rob Vardaro as The Intruder. The old woman is alone in her big house, a beautiful house with stained glass windows and full of antiques. I don’t know if this was someone’s home, or a set, but it was beautiful and just creepy enough to make a perfect setting for the story.

When the old woman gets up from her rocking chair and shuffles toward her record player to turn off the music she has been listening to, it is obvious that she is very frail. As the camera follows her movement, a large man wearing a mask appears behind her. Giuliano does not give us the typical “old lady alone and being terrorized by a psycho” story; no, he flips that old theme on its ass and does something clever and unique with it.

Both actors do a great job within the limitations of having no dialogue. I don’t know where they found Lana Locke – I couldn’t find any previous acting credits – but she is wonderful! The score by Andy Luiten is integral to putting the viewer on edge and building tension at just the right moments. There is also a brilliant image of someone’s reflection seen in a pool of blood on the floor. It’s a great shot and filmed perfectly.

There is nothing predictable about this film, including its ending. I enjoyed watching it, even though the ending left me with more questions than answers. I’m looking forward to seeing what Giuliano does next.

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