A Quick Take on VICTOR CROWLEY from a Diehard Fan

My girlfriend and I loved the Hatchet film series from the very first installment up until the third one in which we believed brought the series to a decent resolution. When the secret film Victor Crowley was announced the horror section of the Internet broke into pleasant surprise and can’t wait to see this post and I admit I joined in the merriment and waited for the chance to watch it to see where the story line would go.

After seeing the film, I came away with mixed feelings about the movie. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of gore and general mayhem, as in the first three films… but you have to sit thought extended story development before the blood begins to spill. I do wish that the action wasn’t so confined into two major places when there is a big open wooded area to use and exploit.

Still, the film is a must see for those who follow the series. A solid 7 out of 10 for this Hatchet-head.

Check out this clip and then then see the film for yourself:

Kenny Fasolo
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