NMM Sound Byte: PRIMA DONNA to Release New Album Next Month

As soon as you hit play on Prima Donna, no matter what song plays first, you get a jolt of instant electric energy. Their authentic sound stays true to the careless garage band spirit, mastering the balance between complex and heavy. Listening to their single “4 Real” I instantly thought of Duckie’s rockout scene in Pretty in Pink.

Prima Donna gives us head banger after head banger on their upcoming S/T album. If you’re looking for fun boppin’ rock, Prima Donna is for sure the way to go.

Kaitlyn Fanrak
Music Reviews / Renaissance Woman
Katie is the second youngest person here on Farsighted - the youngest who's allowed to watch a rated R movie or listen to the music she wants to (Cash is 8, but he's getting there). Between reviewing music, being a book addict, making art, dancing, and reading and writing poetry, she is kind of a self-declared Renaissance (wo)man.

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