SONGS TO SPOON TO Will Make You Swoon

It’s a Friday night, you get home from a long day at work and all you want to do is put on a movie and spoon with your loved one, but there is one issue, you have no songs to spoon to! Well look no further! Songs To Spoon To is the latest EP by Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania’s Cephalopods and it’s the thing you need to fill that void.

These 3 tracks cover what it’s like to break up with a barista, being screwed over by selfish people that take advantage of you, and showing some love to your hometown. Track 1, “A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee”, kicks things off with some righteous guitar licks and heavy jamming that rocks like a Restorations song. Also if you’ve ever had to break things off with your local barista, this is for you. Track 2 “Lime Green Lipstick” keeps the jamming going with a catchy chorus that makes me reminisce of jamming to the Weakerthans. Track 3 “Outer Comstock” slows things down a little bit giving something to just put on to chill and relax to that ends things with some more heavy jamming and sick guitar licks. I highly recommend this EP if you love jammy power pop emo or if you just need something to set the mood to get some major spooning on.

For fans of: Restorations, The Weakerthans, Modern Baseball, and spooning

Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller is an Alabama native with a heart for sick guitar riffs. So much so, his alias is Riff Daddy. He is the co-host of The P.S. Midnight Cast and valued member of the Victims and Villains family. He is also a featured columnist for Fight Booth.
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