Dread Central Presents… VIDAR THE VAMPIRE

In a desperate attempt to break free of his repressive life on farm, lonely bachelor farmer Vidar Haarr prays for a life without boundaries. Instead, he wakes up as a vampire and now has to adjust to life as one.

Vidar The Vampire is a 2018 vampire comedy released by Dread Central Presents through Epic Picture Releasing. Directed by Thomas Aske Berg and Fredrik Waldeland, you can get the film now on DVD and most VOD outlets.

Vampire comedies are a mixed bag with varying degrees of success from the classic Vampire’s Kiss to the misfire that was Vampires Suck – in which tried to do for vampires what Scary Movie did for the horror genre, in general. Vidar brings a fresh twist on the vampire comedy by not using jokes and slapstick but by using irony and keeping the humor in the vein of the situation our hero finds himself in when his prayer is answered in this most unusual way. There is also some funny moments and some heart wrenching moments on his journey in his new life. I firmly believe this movie will be a sleeper hit for the goth/vampire set and those who enjoy a good deep and rich story regardless of what genre it is in. Others may see this as I did, a parable of always finding the joy where you are in this life and the boundaries it has set up.

Over the last fifteen years, I have been impressed with the horror film output of Norway and I think it will continue to release fresh first-rate produced horror movies with a great deal of success because they have an intelligence not seen with American horror films and also leave a lasting impression on those who watched them long after they are over like this one did for me.

As far as Thomas Aske Berg, I welcome any other films he has his hand in to my viewing eye. Also, huge props to Dread Central/Epic Pictures for unleashing Vidar to the masses and picking up the ball dropped by Fangoria Films. Vidar The Vampire is truly a comedic gem!

Kenny Fasolo
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