Released earlier this week, this film is about how a small town deals with a rampage of an eight foot mutant sheep.

Godmonster of Indian Flats is a strange type of low budget film that never got a proper public release until Something Weird released it on DVD in 2001. That was a shame because this slice of 1970s low budget madness would have been a cult classic talked about today. This fable about how keeping a town under the ironclad grip of a few powerful people can destroy it from the inside out while dealing with an eight foot rampaging sheep with a subplot of a rich man sends his point man to buy the land that a mine is located on is a blueprint on how to keep all the movie elements equal to enrich the film as a whole while making the most of it’s low budget limitations. The “monster” itself is a beautiful example of do it yourself work for example, the creature was designed and made by the Director himself and to me is a fine example of do it yourself low budget effects. Speaking of effects I wonder how much of the total budget was spent on the gunfire and explosions because there sure was a lot of them in the last thirty minutes of the movie. The film also takes a batshit turn in the last ten minutes to drive home it’s message of how power unchecked can corrupt even the most noblest of ideals.

The package includes:

  • 4k transfer from the only surviving print
  • Bonus movie: The Legend of Bigfoot (1975) – 2k scan remaster for the Blu-ray release
  • Monster movie trailers provided by AGFA
  • Selected shorts provided by the Something Weird vaults: Strange Sightings, School Bus Fires, and White Gorilla

If you like low budget monster goofiness, this is for you. If you loved the Something Weird releases of old, this is a must get for your collection.

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