SPUNK’S NOT DEAD But It is Extremely Gross and Extremely Fun

Spunk’s Not Dead is an 2018 anthology film distributed by Frenetic Films.

John Oak, an Alex Jones type of host of the web show Actual Factual Truths, uses six short “video reports” to expose how the abuse of the drug Spunk is wrecking havoc on America. By the end of the show he learns more than he expected:


Directed by Jeremy Garner

This deals with a first timer’s use of Spunk and the tragic consequences of her actions. I liked this opening story because it sets the tone for the rest of the film. It goes from a sitcom beginning (complete with canned laughter and audience reaction) to a completely horrifying ending in its short run time without the segment itself being rushed or forced. It’s a perfect opening to what we are about to see.


Directed by Zach Carter

This is a parody of any type of 1980s Christian scare video using the story of a star student athlete uses Spunk to get an edge to tragic results. This segment is played for laughs in its over the top delivery (complete with an ad for The Devil’s Spunk 2 at the end).


Directed by Bryan Hilther

A long time Spunk user confronts his morality in the house where he is given a dose of homemade Spunk. This story was a dramatic Argento meets Twilight Zone based segment that stayed with me even after the whole film ended. The harsh bleakness of the piece was very welcomed and very refreshing after the comic tone of segment two.


Directed by Calvin Morie McCarthy

A cannibalistic Spunker single man meets him match in a female he meets in a coffeehouse. This segment was one of the stronger entries that packs a nice ending punch in its take off of the old “this is why you shouldn’t meet strangers” story.


Directed by Steven K. Jackley

A new and potent strain of Spunk wrecks havoc at girl’s slumber party. By far the most horror related short of the entire movie and maybe the second funniest too.


Directed by Christopher Jayawadena

A rich kid Spunk abusing gamer tries to kick the drug cold turkey wonders if the sober life is really worth it. This is the most effects driven story of the lot and very action packed. It’s also the most fucked up but a great way to end the video segments themselves.

Overall, if you enjoy the campy drug scare films of yesterday or tabloid news show takeoffs done well on a budget, then this is for you. In other words, if you want a film to watch while your mind is altered then this is for you.


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    All across the country, a new drug is taking over the streets, coating them in blood, vomit, and other less savory fluids. Spunk’s Not Dead, and it never will be unless we spread the word. From an innocent babysitter who takes her first hit of spunk to longtime spunk junkies, this drug is turning the world upside down. Only you can stop the White Menace! The best defense is education, and the six eye-opening tales in this anthology will make sure that you stay off spunk for the rest of your life.

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