The J&F Band Put Improv Jazz, Rock, and a Classic Grove in a Blender and Serve it Up Smooth

Renowned jazz bassist Joe Fonda and Allman Brothers drummer Jaimoe have known each other for a long time. Through years of discussions and a few jam sessions, they naturally began a partnership and gradually The J&F Band came together. The “J” represents Jaimoe and the “F” stands for Fonda, but they are far from being the only musicians that comprised the ensemble band. Surrounding themselves with band members like the veteran Italian percussionist Tiziano Tononi, LA jazz guitarist Raoul Björkenheim, and a killer horn section, their combined list of accolades and accomplishments is extensive… and that’s not even considering the equally extensive list of special guests.

Their debut release on Long Shore Records dropped in November and is gaining some traction. With a sound that’s hard to pin down, this is music for fans of jam bands, classic rock, and jazz fusion music. Trained musicians and students of music will find the diverse and intricate compositions to be very fulfilling, while the average listener will also be able to find something they enjoy.

With jam band season on the way, why not tap into a collective of experienced and talented musicians doing their unique rendition of jam tunes a little bit different than the rest? Check out the From the Roots to the Sky below or directly at their Bandcamp.

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