Terror TWOsdays: Kenny Looks at WINTERSKIN and DON’T LOOK

Winterskin (2019)

Winterskin is a new movie directed by Charlie Steed and will be released on digital by High Octane Pictures. The plot of the movie concerns Billy who after meeting with an accident while exploring the woods is tended by Anges, a lonely old lady. They are besieged by skinless creatures who want to get into the cabin for unknown reasons.

High Octane pictures has another winner with Winterskin. Usually, it takes something special to hold my attention if the movie is a two actor project. This movie held me in its grips with its suspenseful twists and turns because everything is not as it seems and when the final reveal came I was gobsmacked. Writer and director Charlie Steed should be commended for putting together such a fine film for all horror fans. Everything from the direction to the script contributes to the overall film narrative. Another way to look at this movie is if Misery was done as a creature feature.

As I stated before, the two main actors carry the weight of the film quite well for a mostly 2 man movie. There are some top notch gory effects but this is not a gore hound movie per say. So, if you like tight little potboilers that tell a completely messed up story, this is for you.

Don’t Look (2019)

Don’t Look is a slasher film. It’s a very poorly done slasher film, but a slasher nonetheless. It runs a scant 70 minutes, but even then it felt like it dragged on and on.

The only positive thing I can say about this movie is that the special effects were done right. That’s all I have to say about this misfire.

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