New Music Monday: Chris Lastovicka’s FORTUNE HAS TURNED

A few months ago, we highlighted Chris Lastovicka’s fantastic single entitled “The 7th Chapter of Job“. The song comes from his new EP, which was just released in April. “Job” is one of a pair of singles that released before the album’s launch – the other being the equally strong “The End of Tyranny”. Before we jump into the rest of the album, check out the music videos for both of the tracks below.

With “Job” kicking off the EP and “Tyranny” bringing it to a close, the 5 track EP has 3 more tracks in between. Let’s break them down track by track.

The first is “Abraxas”. Like the rest of these 5 tracks, it is a remixed and remastered version of a previously recorded track from Lastovicka. Working with Jeremy Allom, acclaimed producer who’s worked with Massive Attack and other greats, Lastovicka has taken his compositions to a new level.

Here, on “Abraxas”, the strings stab violently, yet beautifully. The track feels like a 12 minute hero’s journey through trials and tribulations. In the end, it seems that there is a victorious and emotionally fulfilling finale.

Track 3 on the EP is “The Tender Ones”, aptly named as it feels more subdued and heartfelt than other tracks. The emotional journey of this track feels less intense, yet equally satisfying.

The third track of this interior trio is “Shanti”. Like “The Tender Ones”, this one feels a bit less intense or violent, but it certainly has its climactic moments. Through the track, there are several slow builds to big moments. “Shanti” is a pleasant song that still packs an emotional punch.

Front to back, Lastovicka’s Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) is nothing is not emotionally powerful. The highs are extremely high, while the lows are foreboding and dark. The beauty is truly found in the spaces in between. Fans of classical music will definitely find this series of powerful compositions among the finest classical style music in years, while others are likely to find something a bit different that draws them.

In short, this is a release that is worth checking out, no matter who you are.

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