Dee Wallace Stars in DOLLS

[Editor’s Note: The Empire/Full Moon camp went on a social media tear about how this film was a ripoff of their 1987 “classic” also entitled Dolls. However, the only thing about this film that “rips off” that film is that it’s about dolls and called Dolls. Seeing as this is the most generic title and there are dozens upon dozen of other horror films about dolls, it seems like a silly play to stay in the limelight. That said, if you read Kenny’s short review below, you’ll know that their claims are foolish. Nonetheless, it seemed worthy of note…]

Well, it seems that the killer doll movies are all the rage again and I am lucky enough to review Dolls, starring Dee Wallace Stone. The premise is about a children’s book author on the verge of divorce and his seventeen year old daughter. The two of them hole up for a couple of weeks at his mother’s old house, while he works on his next book. They find creepy looking dolls in the attic that inspire him. Little do they both know the dolls’ deadly secret will bring them to the verge of madness…

This is a very solid dramatic horror film heavy on plot and fairly light on scares. The filmmakers spent a lot of time developing the characters and fleshing out the story. This is a slow burn type of horror film that has an amazing pay off.

Now, if you’re a fan of creepy doll films, you will want to add this to your collection or, at the very least, rent it on VOD. The runtime is a perfect 90 minutes.

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