Talking MILLENNIUM BUGS with Tamas Nadas

As someone who grew up in the 90s, I’ve been getting very excited for the upcoming retro comedy Millenium Bugs. I was lucky enough to catch up with producer Tamas Nadas.

Tamas, thanks for taking the time to chat. Let’s dive right in, tell us about your new film! How’d you get involved in this project?

The writer/director, Alejandro Montoya Marin, and I, started talking about projects about a year ago, and we have been trying to put something great together. He knew I already produced several projects, and I knew he directed many films before. Even though he knew I was an action kind of person, he asked me to read the script. I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. This was our first project together, and I can say it wasn’t the last one.

As far as your career goes, you’re a stunt guy, an actor, a filmmaker… what do you love about all of your different jobs in the film world?

My most dedication is towards acting. That’s what brought me to the United States. I did stunts because of my martial arts background. I was a 3 times World Champion, and that’s how I became a US citizen. I was able to use my fighting skills in front of the camera. Producing suits me because I like solving problems, and I am pretty good at putting the puzzles together. That’s probably because I am a Police Detective in real life.

Is there a particular function you enjoy most? Why?

I like acting the most. I can be whatever the character makes me to be. I can be an action hero, and also a goofy clown. I love being in front of the camera.

In regards to Millennium Bugs, what should people expect going in?

Both an homage to 90s film and the indie film revolution of the time, Millennium Bugs is a love letter to a generation that found themselves on the cusp of a cups of a technological revolution that was both exciting and uncharted. This film speaks to anyone who has ever felt broken, pressured, or lost and carries with the universal and timeless desire for good friends, good laughs, and great tunes.

Before we kinda wrap it up, I’m curious about something. This site isn’t particularly religious or of any one background, but one of my original goals with the site was to expire intersections of faith and art. You’ve been involved in some faith-based projects, do you have any particular background and how does that influence you as an artist?

Religious or not, it is in my nature to help people. Several years ago, I fed 20+ homeless people as a uniformed police officer because of a power outage. I was challenged in a dance off by kids on the street while in tactical uniform during a community night out. In 2014, I was providing CPR for 7 minutes, until rescue arrived, saving the life of someone who overdosed.

So, back to Millennium Bugs… when can people see the film? How can they follow its progress?

Well, the trailer is finished, and we are about 70% done with post production. It is looking amazing. The motion picture will be, potentially, finished by the end of August. However, as far as viewing, it depends on the distribution company when it will be released. For updates, you can check out our website at or our Instagram page.

Thanks again, before we go let’s wrap with two final thoughts: first, what’s your 2 sentence elevator pitch on why folks should check out Millennium Bugs?

When facing the end of the world, it’s important to have good booze, a good friend, and a great soundtrack.

And finally, what is one final thought, whether it be advice or wisdom or just whatever, to leave our readers with?

I think we can all learn from the movie. Don’t take everything for granted, and you shouldn’t feel entitled! Surround yourself with people you trust and love; and never stop following your dreams.

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