20 for 20: Bricker Briefly Blathers About SPUN

A precursor to Breaking Bad, Spun is a movie about meth and its realities… I imagine. I actually have very limited knowledge and experience with meth, thankfully.

This flick has a solid cast, and, while a lot of people credit The Wrestler or even Domino with Mickey Rourke’s come back performance, this is really where it’s at. A dark, funny, beautiful movie about love and lost love. This is a fun film with a great cast and a truly amazing soundtrack.

The speech by the cook (aka Mickey Rourke) is worth watching the flick… if you have any Bukowski inclinations. Not to mention, the Zwan (Billy Corgan) cover of “Always” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. This flick is fun and sad and beautiful and messed up in all the best ways… oh, and Debbie Harry is the neighbor!

Adam Bricker
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