Terror TWOsdays: Spotlight on Short Films MAILER DAEMON and BILL

Mailer Daemon

If you’re like me, you also wonder where your emails go and who routes them to where they need to go. This 19 minute short film has you covered. While not scary at all, this one will clearly appeal to fans in the horror and genre world. It centers on a race of beings called “daemons” who resemble the demons in Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell and are tasked with menial jobs that would be beneath normal human beings. One of these jobs, of course, is as a “mailer daemon” who routes and returns emails.

In this unique and fun short, one of the daemons decides to go rogue when he reads an email from a girl who needs some help. The resulting tale is entertaining an witty, well worth any genre fan’s time. While this one is still making its festival rounds, you can follow it on the Facebook page to find out when and where you can check it out yourself.


The second short we’re looking at really takes the word “short” to heart, as its a mere 3 minutes and 21 second long. It uses ever bit of that meager runtime masterfully though. The bulk of the runtime sets up for a strong and worthwhile payoff, a chilling premise and a final scare that leaves you wanting more. The embedded video above contains the entire film, so you don’t have to take my word for it, you can see for yourself.

Bill comes to us from UK’s Sketchbook Pictures. Whether viewed as a pitch for a longer form film or simply a short and punchy scare, this is a very effective little film.

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