SACRED SPIRAL: Music to Meditate By

Music for meditation or mindfulness practice isn’t something I tend to find myself listening to, but I have an open mind and am willing to give any artistic expression its fair shot. Releasing in the coming days, award winning composer Yuval Ron has teamed up with a host of musicians, great vocalist Úyanga Bold, and producer Dr. Richard Gold to bring an album that’s whole purpose is to free one’s mind, and help someone achieve a meditative state.

Some songs are more traditionally structured, while some are abstract soundscapes without a traditional melody, but the entire album shares a feeling of light and peaceful surrender.

As vocalist Bold states:

This music is truly stunning and healing. A breathtaking multi-colored and multidimensional journey through the sublime… May many souls benefit. The title Sacred Spiral is powerfully compelling, evoking the mystery, intelligent design, and harmony of creation.

While I must admit that this isn’t exactly what I find my rock’n’roll heart yearning for, I can attest to the relaxing nature of the music. With some space alone in a quiet place, this music can truly help one achieve a relaxing state… and if that’s your vibe, I highly recommend this album.

You can save the album before its release or listen to it beginning on the 6th by clicking here and choosing your preferred streaming service.

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