Arnab Leads You “This Way” Down the Jazzy Streets of Sydney

If you find yourself liking smooth jazz music and tire of folks calling it “elevator music”, never fear! Arnab Sengupta is here with a unique brand of smooth jazz that’s far better described as “elevated music”. With smooth saxophones and even smoother vocals, there’s a element of that familiar sound the likes of Kenny G… but instead of staying there, you’ll easily find a vibe and a style that blends the funky feel of Jamiroqui, the indescribable cool of bohemian NYC night life, an appreciate of the Blues, and an appreciate for the best guitarists in the worlds of pop, rock, and beyond. Sengupta is a well learned student of music in both the traditional music school sense, as well as the less traditional student of the world sense. His influences are very clearly broad and his one-of-a-kind style takes an often dull genre to new levels.

The first single from his recently released Leap of Faith, “This Way” is a perfect introduction to his music, his personal journey from New York to Australia, and his positivity. Check out the lyric video below and then snag the album on Bandcamp today!

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