Make Believe Seattle: POUNDCAKE isn’t Subtle, But It Sure is Effective

The closing night film at Make Believe Seattle is the latest from genre auteur Onur Tukel, who isn’t exactly known for his subtlety. This is perhaps the least subtle of his films I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. On the contrary, it’s extremely effective in its own on-the-nose, often overly talky way.

I read one description of the film call it a politically charged slasher satire written and directed in the style of Woody Allen… and that description isn’t far off. The dialog heavy film most certainly features a monologuing style of classic Allen films, though I’m not sure there are any Woody films about an 80s-esque slasher villain who literally fucks straight white men to death (insert inappropriate Woody Allen joke here). Full of explicit commentary on race, sexuality, bigotry, self-hate, and gender, there is nary a moment where someone isn’t talking during the film. Whether scenes of podcasts, comedians, or family dinners, everyone has something to say. Tukel himself delivers tons of commentary through the film, even while being pegged by his on-screen wife.

Taking on the fragility of all types of people with straight white men as the most primary target, Poundcake is not for everyone. While the message is important for sure, it’s certainly got a style and abrasiveness that will rub a ton of people the wrong way. However, those able to reconcile the absurdity and the very real issues the film is dealing with will definitely find a truly unique and singular film.

Race isn’t only about race.

True, look at Darius Rucker.

Poundcake played at the first annual Make Believe Film Festival in Seattle. Check out more about the festival at

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