Curtain Jerkers, Episode 28: Nathan Jones Rides on FURY ROAD

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Thanks to Justin’s long time friend, Kwalified, a diehard wrestling fan and dope emcee hailing from Hawaii, for our great intro song.

Nathan Jones wrestled for a short time in WWE, but wrestled for a little while before that. Most of us know him more for his actijng roles, though. As he reprises his role of Rictus Erectus in Furiosa, we visit his memorable role in Mad Max: Fury Road.

You’ll note that after the first 52-ish minutes, there’s a soundclip of Nathan in the film. That is because the recording service we used blipped and we had to log in to a new recording room to finish the podcast, so forgive any disjointedness. We still think you’ll enjoy this one!

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