Welcome to Grindhouse Messiah motherfuckers! We are your friendly neighborhood sleaze-loving Jesus-believing chubby dudes who like to work their shit out by talking films with each other and with any of you willing to join in. To say this show is a bit niche may be an understatement… but alas, we have arrived and we’ll be here for a long ass time.

Today is our introduction and it clocks in a less than an horror. It lays down our basic thesis and gives you a bit of background on us. We’re excited to really dive into some films, our faith, and whatever else comes up. So please join us, suggest some films, let us know if you wanna join in on the chat, etc.

A few notes before we just let you listen in peace…

1. Experimenting with new recording methods. Justin mixed himself a little too loud. We know this and we will fix this.

2. Additionally, with the experimenting, you’ll hear Justin breathing into the mic a few times and you’ll hear the introduction to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the background at least twice. Sorry… but it’s a fucking great show, so oh well.

3. Nope… that’s really it.

Enjoy the show and we’ll see you again in a few weeks!

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