Loud! Fast! Combat Jack!

Just Justin this week… just highlighting some cool podcasts… that’s really about it. Below, as promised, the links to the podcasts and the musicians mentioned.

Intro track from Awaking Mercury.

Outro track from Näive Sense.

Podcasts discussed this week:

Doing the Nasty

Video Podcasts

Sloppy Seconds

Horror Movie Night</>

The Saint Mort Show

Loud! Fast! Philly!

The Combat Jack Show

And new podcasts on this site that I mentioned:

Reddit Horror Club 2: Dead by Dawn

FarOut KidsCast

Thanks for stopping by for some recommendations. Hit me up at justincharlesharlan@gmail.com and/or farsightedblog@gmail.com if you want to suggest podcasts or come join the podcast sometime.

And, one last show note… sorry about the random squeaky noise that happened a few times throughout the podcast. Not sure what was going on there, but I’ll work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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