New Album

31 Days, Day 25: Berwanger’s Mario Paint Music Video “Horror Show” is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted and More

Josh Berwanger of the 90s synth powered indie rock outfit, The Anniversary, is releasing a new album on Halloween. The album, entitled The Star Invaders, is surely an interesting concept, as you can see by the kick ass video below that he made 100% with Mario Paint, like any good product of the the Nintendo…

Karabas Barabas Premiering New Track “50/50” in Anticipation of SEX WITH THE DEVIL (31 Days, Day 13)

It’s Friday the 13th and your friendly neighborhood Satanic rock outfit dropped 3 new tracks and opened pre-orders on their upcoming album Sex with the Devil. Their first album was mentioned on the site back in March and their new one kicks it up a notch. With Return of the Sexy Demon, they made known…

Talking Mercury

In perpetuating stereotypes, our resident Episcopal priest, Ben Wallis, spent some time drinking and talking with heathens… though, the heathens in question were also great musicians, so the time was spent interviewing them about their past, present, and future. Without further ado, here is Father Ben and Awaking Mercury: