Wanted: Smartphone Organizational Skills

There’s an app for that… but where will I put it?

I’m going to make a bold assumption: you have a smart phone. If this is false, you may skip this article, as this is the brain dump of a first-world citizen with severe OCD in regards to his iPhone.

In 2010, I had switched to the iPhone after years and years of being a feature phone user (I used a BlackBerry for about a year but it was awful). I love it, perhaps too much. However, I never found a comfortable solution to organizing my apps. What apps group well together? What screens should each folder contain? Should I alphabetize everything? Should I sort each app by color? Should I get a life? Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought about this…

How organized (or disorganized) is your smart phone? Share your thoughts!

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    I like it super sleek. I have everything in 4 folders… Social, Entertainment, Games, and Misc. The first page in Entertainment is all my music apps, the second all my photo apps… that’s really about it…

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