A Final Tribute

Last week, we shared a few of our favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman films. Tonight, we’d like to wrap up with a few clips of some of our other favorite roles and performances from the brilliant character actor.


In the above clip, we get to see a few moments of his on screen brilliance as Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire. The mastermind of double agency and rebellion, Hoffman takes the role on perfectly.


Ralph Fiennes’s performance overshadows a lot of 2002’s Red Dragon but this iconic scene works because of the fear and anxiety displayed by Hoffman.


“I think they have those scenes in movies because they’re true. You know, because they really happen. And you’ve got to believe me, this is really happening.” Powerful, powerful performance in Magnolia.


Hoffman is a bit unwound in 1998’s Happiness, as is displayed in this clip here. He is vulnerable, a little bit crazy, and extremely interesting.


In Boogie Nights, Hoffman’s “Scotty J” falls in love with lead man Dirk Diggler and even after being rejected in the scene above, he is fiercely loyal to his friend.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be missed, but he’ll live on forever in the incredible roles that he portrayed on screen. Drugs suck and his death is tragic, but here’s hoping that his death saves a few lives when they realize the tragedy of a talented man and how complacency can ruin an addict’s life, even after 20+ years sober.

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