Halloween Albums: Abominator

Who doesn’t love October? Along with the nice fall weather, it’s full of apple cider, corn mazes…scary movies, festivities… and most importantly, the music. And why not celebrate Halloween with some worthy records! This will be a kick off to what will be a couple reviews on some albums for the rest of the month. I will admit that I put this album off for a while. But now, I ask myself, “Why didn’t I listen to this sooner???”.


I’m talking about Abominator, By Doyle (AKA Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein).  This album is the first solo effort from the brutal ex-Misfits guitarist. With 11 tracks total. Self released on Doyle’s own label, Monsterman Records on July 30th of last year (Digital download only). Then CD release in October of Last year.  For this album he recruited The singer of the metal band Cancer Slug,  Alex “Wolfman” Story.  On Drums, Dr. Chud (who you’d likely know from the Michael Graves era of the Misfits).  And on bass, “Left Hand Grahman”. And of course, Doyle on guitar.

(From left to right)

Doyle, Wolfman, Dr. Chud, Left Hand Grahman

*Doyle, Wolfman, Dr. Chud, Left Hand Grahman*

“Raaaaauuuuuuuugggggghhhhh!!!” is the first thing you will hear from this album, from the title track “Abominator”.  Great way to set the mood as Doyle thrusts his hand out of the soil into the world of the living, wielding a custom made guitar. He picks himself up, no need to plug his guitar in..as he melts everyone’s faces with his riftf… this is what I imagine when I listen to the first song off the album. Maybe a bit harsh, blame the music.

The vocals are perfect for Doyle. Wolfman delivers an almost Pantera like sound with an undead twist. Along with Doyle’s heavy hitting down strokes and Dr. Chud’s double bass of death, this album is THEE heavy horror album to listen too. The next song is a fan favorite, “Learn to Bleed”. Perfect thrash song that will get the crowd moshing and the devil horns up.  With interesting lyrics “Tonight every lovely thing will learn how to bleed.” Yikes!

The next song that stands out on this mischief night soundtrack is “Cemeterysexxx”. If there would be a radio hit on this album, it’s THIS SONG. And this isn’t a bad thing. The lyrics are great as well.  “Sex in the cemetery, all through the night, making love among the dead is the only time I feel alive.”.  Along with ghostly moans and screams, this song surely is a graveyard smash.


You can’t go wrong with this record.  “Mark of the Beast” starts off with the main riff slowed down. Then smashes into a scream and lyrics, “Death curse – givin’ from birth – she’s a demon with an angel’s smile.” This will definitely have your head banging to this zombie stripper dancing song.

The weakest song might be “Bloodstains” with its slowed down pace. Almost sounding like Three Days Grace rip. Yuck.  But then half way through the song everything just snaps. The tempo is much faster, saving this song from almost sounding like a mediocre hard rock ballad about horror. This song is also the longest on the album, clocking in at 4:35. If there is only one weak song out of 11 tracks, and it ends up being saved, you have a solid record on your hands.

For a first release, Doyle has made a big entry. This album could be hard to top. But I have a feeling he will keep the same formula going for writing songs and such.  Doyle and Wolfman make a great song writing team and that is proven in this record. They have recently finished a tour which Dr. Chud dropped out of last minute, to be replaced by TinyBubz, who has drummed for many bands such has California Punk Legends T.S.O.L. (who are no strangers to Halloween-ish schtick in their tunes). Tiny has also confirmed via his Instagram that he will be staying with Doyle for the next tour. And a new album should be expected eventually.

If your curious like I was about this album. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed if you know what Doyle’s all about. This album is a great kick off to get in the mood of Halloween!!!! Keep your eyes out for Doyle’s next tour! Smashing a town near you!      


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