D4 and Birds Rule the Night

Straight out of Minneapolis, Dillinger Four completely obliterated the crowd with fast, yet melodic, punk rock.

Dillinger Four

The four energetic rockers performed at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on October 9th, proving that any place is a substantial place to play punk rock, with the right attitude and sing-alongs. With over an hour long set, Dillinger Four played a variety of their pieces that night, playing songs from their album, Midwestern Songs of the Americas all the way to songs from their latest EP, The Bootleg.

Owning the stage, they played tight, showed stamina throughout, and never lost their positive energy with the crowd. D4 has just finished their tour with surf punk band Night Birds, and there are currently no updates on new gigs or future albums.

Night Birds

What will Dillinger Four been doing in the coming months? We can only hope for soon-to-come announcements.

Milo Effect

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