Thankful for the Groove: Har’Monique Takes Over

As all of America fades in and out from yesterday’s mass food consumption, spending their Black Friday shopping or in a food coma or somewhere in between, there is a serious need for some good tunes. Enter Har’Monique, Brooklyn’s indie pop queen that blends NY hip hop, classic R&B, Caribbean style, and African beats to create a soulful pop sound like no other.

Her single “Take Over” is just upbeat enough to get your toe tapping and your head swaying, while still providing a relaxing and soothing experience. In other words, a perfect song for today… or really any day where you need a little pick-me-up that isn’t too abrasive or in-your-face. The single is a great way to check out what Har’Monique is about, but don’t stop there…

So, while you continue to suffer the overeating of the holiday or you drive to a dozen stores looking for the best deal on a PS5, here’s you anthem today. It’ll be sure to get you going.

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