6:00 PM – Open Skate with Live Music from Philly’s The Rectors and NYC’s Karabas Barabas

8:30 PM – Pottstown and Beyond: Local Film Block

Hosted by Matt Lake (Weird Pennsylvania, Butterfly Kisses)

PSA 414
Directors – Joe Territo, Jenness Territo

An important public service announcement to set the tone for our time together at this festival.

Director – Sean Bayles

When a science experiment goes horrifically wrong, Pat & Mac are called in to fix it with the power of rock music.

Three Baths
Director – Rafael De Leon Jr.
(Skate or Die 2022 Alum)
A spiritualist instructs Loreen to give her distraught younger sister, Rosa, three baths to get rid of a malevolent spirit that appears to be moving closer and closer to her.

I Had a Great Time Last Night
Director – Will Martinko

Two down-on-their-luck stoners execute a bank heist when one realizes he went on a date with the teller the night before.

The Desecrated
Director – John Gray

A young morgue attendant working the night shift encounters an unwelcome visitor.

Director – Chad Repko
(Skate or Die 2022 Alum)
After an invasion, a man has to survive on his own.

Director – Matt Garrett

A zombie tries to find his way home on Halloween in this narrative music video for the song “Leaving” by Blood Handsome.

Cicada: I Was a Teenage Horror Movie
Director – Keil Orion Troisi

In 1997, tweens with a VHS camera filmed a horror epic.
25 years later, they edited it—as a comedy.

Soak in the gloriously glitchy VHS splendor of this remixed horror-comedy that is at once a bloody twist on vampire lore and an endearing portrait of filmmakers coming of “rage,” struggling to make an ambitious home movie—each playing multiple roles, spilling dimestore blood in a slew of murder scenes, and testing testicular limits with a homemade zip-line setpiece.

Big thanks to Crew Me Up for sponsoring the local film block this year, check out Saturday’s schedule for their informal “Filmmaking 101 Q&A” during open skate session!