12:00 PM – Open Skate and Vendor’s Market

Halloween Tunes from DJ Bugz

1:00PM – Filmmaking 101 Q&A

During the open skate and vendor’s market, Crew Me Up will be at the pavilion leading an informal chat on getting into the film industry, answering questions, offering advice, and enjoying some time outside (weather permitting)

3:30 PM – Post-Apocalyptic Cult Film DOUBLE FEATURE

Director Robert McGinley will be in attendance to watch and chat about Shredder Orpheus and Danger Diva Redux

Shredder Orpheus
(Brand New Scan in conjunction American Genre Film Archive)

The “mortal” world faces imminent destruction when Hades unleashes an evil television signal that corrupts and kills its viewers. These hypnotic broadcasts from the Euthanasia Broadcast Network are welcomed by the masses-except skate board guitar rocker ORPHEUS and his band the SHREDDERS who can see through this unholy scheme.

To save the world and rescue his kidnapped wife, Orpheus must penetrate this nefarious underworld and free the television airwaves. Armed with a futuristic guitar and a paranormal skateboard, Orpheus descends the parking garage to Hell to save Eurdyice and perform live on the EBN broadcast stage.

Danger Diva
(One of the first screenings of the new REDUX edition)

A music driven cyberpunk thriller about a hard rocking singer coerced into becoming an electronically enhanced new-music diva by her high tech billionaire patron.

Set in the near future, her singing voice is used to control and energize the brains of employees that are being used as external processors for the corporation’s high tech clients. Referred to as Brain Cattle, the workers operate in a digital sweatshop processing binary algorithms, functioning musically as a chorus for the diva.

DANGER DIVA explores the conflict between high tech vs. high touch, and what it means to be human in a digitally enhanced future.

7:30 PM – Weird, Wild, and WTF Film Block

Feature Film

The Wheel of Heaven
Director – Joe Badon
(Skate or Die 2022 Alum)
A woman caught up in predatory relationships is thrown into a multi-layered world of choices after she discovers a mystical book in a thrift store.

Accompanying Short Films

CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man
Directors – Brian Lonano, Blake Myers
(Skate or Die 2022 Alum)
“Filmmaker” Brian Lonano tries to talk about a beloved cult film. What happens next will shock you!

CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man starts as a documentary about a beloved cult film, then turns into a youtube video until it escapes into a dystopian sci-fi adventure, upon which it transforms into a body horror film resulting in a kaiju battle finale.

We Forgot About The Zombies
Director – Chris McInroy
(Skate or Die 2022 Alum)
Two dudes think they found the cure for zombie bites.

Director – Michael Glynn Macdonald

A couple of wannabe social influencers try to increase their viewership by breaking into the crime scene of an unsolved vicious mass murder, only to discover that they have fallen into the killer trap.

The Herp
Director – Fern Poppy

Everything changes when a young woman receives a distressing diagnosis…

Party’s Over
Director – Neil Willoughby

The night turns to terror when uninvited guests crash a Halloween party.

Three Houses Down
Director – Ty Huffer

Ah… the Holidays. Filled with joy, laughter, and cheer. And this year, murderous, knife-wielding elves. On Christmas Eve, Tiffany learns that being on the naughty list means more than a lump of coal in your stocking when she encounters a malevolent Imp among the presents under the Christmas tree. Now she must fight for her family’s lives against the elven intruder if they are going to have a Merry Christmas.

Good Mourning
Director – Dylan A. Young

Jane wakes up to something she did not expect.