Burning Away

Destructive systems punish the generations
While outside the world turns epically slowly
Grinding down the hearts of any who love free
Political ideals become the fuel for change
While revolutionaries are labeled crazy
Suit wearing white men are trusted by distrusting fools
The system is broke but still kept for lack of better terms
Excuses puke up the old problems of not being true
Dishonesty tolerated as long as it keeps our TV’s on
The distracted public sucks the tits of holy cows
Created by religious, political and moral devils
Leading the sheep into slaughter houses
Capitalistic sadistic liars bait the young college degrees
They trample the poor and undereducated
Squashing the movements of fire that could disrupt production lines
Smoke blown as hope into campaign slogans weak
Yet a soundbyte society lacks attention span
So they buy the sales pitch and follow the crowds
In the end the blood still flows and the losers still lose
As long as the cars are bought and TV shows stream
We are all to content to burn away


Jeremy Ritch
Jeremy Ritch is a published writer and poet currently traveling the U.S. working on their next book. Jeremy has had many interesting life experiences and you can hear about some of them on Episode 3 of The Farsighted Podcast. You can get your hands on Jeremy's collections of poetry at their Lulu store. If you prefer you books digitally, Sidewalk Stories and Other Poems is available for Kindle at a discount price. They have a variety of other works all over the world wide web, as well. The long and the short of it is that Jeremy likes to write and we all like to read what Jeremy writes.
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