31 Days, Day 3: WHAT JUST HAPPENED – Chapters 1-5

[Editor’s Note: One of the things we’re featuring this year as part of 31 Days of Halloween is a short book that Cash, my son, begn writing in a notebook last month. He wanted to share it and, together, we decided to do it in 3 parts, one part each week for the first 3 weeks of October. We hope you enjoy What Just Happened, including illustrations that Cash did with his friend Ethan, on the bus rides to and from school.]

Chapter 1

What just happened to me and the world? Is it the future? I ask someone the date…

“November 21, 2488,” they said.

This is weird and strange. Things like a dark sky, no birds, and I heard hundreds of people screaming so loud.

Then I saw a man and I asked him, “What is happening now?”

He said, “Aliens are taking over the world!”

I said this over and over again, in my mind. “What am I going to do?” I thought this couldn’t get worse… but I was wrong.`

Chapter 2

Sorry, that was not the real beginning. This is the begining. My name is Cash H. Harlan. Some strange things have been happening to me for some reason. I know it’s a bad reason. Like I mean, bad bad… like SUPER BAD! You get it. Really bad things have been happening to me for a weird reason. I think I was born with time travel powers! It is cool, but bad. I feel like I am the guy from Back to the Future, but not.

Chapter 2 1/2

My powers are so weird and strange and stuff! I always feel strange when I travel. It’s really weird. When I touch things it makes me travel to the past, present, and future. It’s hard to explain.

Chapter 3 1/2: The Travel

Good night!

Chapter 3 2/3: The Travel

The next day I went to the library. I wanted two alien books. Here you must remember that when I touch something, sometimes I travel there. I was just about to touch an alien book when I saw a book about the future! I touched it but nothing happened.

“That was strange,” I though.

Then, I traveled.

Chapter 4: Back to Chapter 1

I ended up somewhere in that book. I had the book in my hand, chapter 15. I read, “People are screaming loud!” That’s trouble. Then, I asked someone the date.

“2488, the last year of the world!” they said.

“That’s fine,” I said.

“It’s not fine!” they responded. “Be… be… cause ALIENS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!”

I couldn’t think this could get any worse… but I was wrong.

Chapter 5: Alien Attack

“What’s you name?” I asked.

“Matthew, what’s yours?” he replied.

“Cash H. Harlan!” I said.

Then some things got really weird. Some creature came down from a UFO. “It’s an alien!” Matthew yelled.

This was very, very, very, very, very, very bad. Then, as the aliens got to the ground, I yelled, “Run!”

Cash Hendrix Harlan
Lover of Music / Resident Math Whiz
Cash is Justin's eldest son. He's smart (like way too smart for his own good, in fact) and extremely talented. As a mere 8 year old, he likes to fill notebooks with math equations, with the occasional sketch and short story thrown in. He loves music, with some his favorites being Play Date, Koo Koo Kangaroo, The Aquabats, and (of course) his namesake, Johnny Cash. He's mildly obsessed with LEGOs and loves Batman. He really loves his mom, his brother, his dad, and his doggies. You can typically catch him rocking out with his brother, playing his kindle, or sorting through his Pokemon decks.
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