BAFF 2018: Stop the Mistress or We’ll All Be DEAD BY MIDNIGHT (11PM CENTRAL)

This film is playing at the 2018 Buried Alive Film Fest tonight at midnight.

It’s Halloween at TV station WKIZ and it’s crew is gearing up for it’s movie marathon hosted by the Mistress of Midnight. As the staff disappear they appear in the films playing during the marathon. It’s up to line producer Candice Spelling to stop the Mistress before the final film is shown.

When I heard that Dead by Midnight was going to be apart of BAFF 2018, I was jealous of those who will be seeing this on the big screen and wished I was at the Fest myself to enjoy it with them. The six mini-films that make up this movie range from the absurd (“Jersey Devil”), the messed up (“Creepy Dolls”) to the dark and serious (“Day 3”). The acting is very believable. The effects were on point and I never got bored with the film at all.

Hopefully the makers of Dead by Midnight will find a distribution deal after the midnight showing at 2018 BAFF so you can all see it as a full length feature too. For now, you can watch the segments as individual episodes on the You42 YouTube channel:

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    Hey Kenny, I just wanted to let you know that the film does have distribution and a sequel is already in the works! Thanks again for covering our Festival!

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