BONUS: Special Interview – ROOM FOR RENT’s Tommy Stovall with Huuuh?’s Dino and Michele

Starting this month, we’ll be dropping small episodes and bonuses across the whole network to give fans of our podcasts a taste of our other shows. In our first such bonus, we’ve got a little taste of the Huuuh?Podcast for everyone to check out.

Dino and Michelle sat down with Director Tommy Stovall to talk about his upcoming suspense thriller Room for Rent starring genre’s favorite septuagenarian Lin Shaye. Coming out this May on disc and streaming, it’s a great little horror film that our very own Kenny did a short review of earlier this month.

If you’d prefer to listen to this interview via YouTube, Dino uploaded it over there, as well.

Thanks for listening and if you’re new to Huuuh?Podcast and want to hear more, you can check the podcast’s main page over at The Farsighted or subscribe via Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or a variety of other services!

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