Vectralux: A Made Up Word with Real Infectiousness

Atlanta based Vectralux says their name is “a made-up word that sounds strangely familiar” and – oddly – their sound feels very familiar too. Despite having never heard them before being sent this release, this reviewer couldn’t help but feel like their brand of toe-tapping pop rock felt familiar in a comforting and wholly welcome sort of way.

After several listens, I definitely feel like the band is uniquely their own thing, but their brand of pop-rock is the type of pop rock that bands like Travis, REM, or That Thing You Do‘s Oneders exemplify. Jangly, bright, happy, and fun, their sound is easy to consumer, but not without depth. If you spent any time listener to 90s and 00s college rock radio, you know exactly what this sound is all about and how extremely pleasing it can be. It’s simple and straight ahead in its style, certainly influenced by the greats of the pop rock from the Beach Boys to The Kinks to Cheap Trick and beyond, but to have that clean and simple a sound… is… well… not that simple.

There’s not a ton to say about Vectralux’s Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter because it can summed up a just being a pitch perfect indie pop rock album with a wide range of influences from 50s pop through modern rock. It’s familiar in the best way, timeless in the best way, and simple in the best way. It’s the soundtrack to a pleasant day in the sun, but also the soundtrack to a long writing session in the office. It simply provides comfort for anyone who loves rock music with great pop hooks. And, honestly… if you don’t love rock music with great pop hooks, why are you still reading this… and are you even human?

Standout tracks “Hey!”, “Slide Show”, “Illustration No. 6”

Grab the album in pristine vinyl or digital over at Bandcamp today.

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