NMM SoundBytes: Adam Randy Warns “Don’t Play” with His Heart

Adam Randy may not be a name you know now, but his sound will surely feel familiar to many. With a decided New Wave and 80s alternative throwback sound, Randy blends influences from a variety alternative acts, some classic rock, and a dash of 80s hair metal to create a sound that would make fans of Devo proud. Keyboards, driving rhythm, guitars, and soaring vocals take center stage as Randy.

Randy explains the song:

I wanted to write, record and release a song that really rocked and had a driving beat and electric guitars mixed with strings, a bit different than most of my other songs. I got the idea for the music from an obscure Neil Diamond Song called “Diamond Girls” which has a similar vibe and arrangement. The message of the song is Don’t Play games with me or you’ll be sorry!

Retro is a word thrown around too often, but it’s the perfect word to describe Randy’s sound and overall vibe. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out “Don’t Play” for yourself below.

Check out more retro tunes from Adam Randy at www.adamrandy.com.

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