I Just Came for the Watermelon

Watermelon Pop Tarts

AMPWatermelon Pop Tarts

I don’t know if it’s the fact that pastries just are not typically melon flavored, or if the watermelon flavor is best left to colder treats. I do, however, know these Pop Tarts taste very mediocre. They aren’t bad, but they’re definitely not delicious. Generally, something is just off about them.

The Verdict: StarsStarsStars

Watermelon Amp Zero

I’ve been known to drink a sugar-free energy drink or two, and this is by far the most disgusting one I have ever tasted. It goes in tasting like a refreshing summer treat true to flavor, but the carbonation and artificial sweeteners ruin the melon taste causing a chemical aftertaste. Stay away!

The Verdict: Stars

[Editor’s Note: I used to REALLY like these jawns… but they started to make me sick.]

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