How to Hail Satan on Jesus’s Birthday: One Man’s Satanic Take on the Christmas Season

The one main focus of Satanism is that we are encouraged to think for ourselves and to adapt our lives to our own liking. while not imposing ourselves on others so it is with that thought I describe how a Satanist spends his/her time during the Christmas season.

Some believe Christmas has pagan roots and choose to celebrate this. Some treat it as another day. I myself celebrate it with my family with dinner, gift exchange, watching sports, a few drinks, and a couple of Christmas related horror films, before watching Holiday Inn and nodding off to sleep.

We Satanists are a lot like our Judeo-Christian counterparts as we have jobs, families, friends, and other interests besides our “dark faith”.

As far as how I greet people, I say whatever is said to me in return, because I have friends who believe and say many different greetings. I don’t get offended if someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to me, I show respect to their customs as they show respect to mine.

Christmas music also gets various reactions too, I admit I do like to hear it later than earlier and for the life of me I will never understand why some radio stations start it either the day after Halloween or the day after Thanksgiving. Then, they play the same 30 songs in a row for years and years, when we have any new songs and new versions of the standards to discover. Personally, I love to play Twisted Sister’s Christmas album once or twice during the season.

Well, there you have it. One Satanist’s views on the Christmas season, I bet you thought I was going to curse it or be negative but I didn’t. My grown up Christmas wish is for peace on earth and peace between us humans and not to fight over but embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us part of the human race i mean after we have to all have to exist on this spinning ball together.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Blessed Yule or Happy Kwanzaa or have a joyous season. Just enjoy whatever you and yours are celebrating this time of year…

Kenny Fasolo
I'm a grumpy loudmouthed horror fan born in upstate NY, now living in South New Jersey with my girl. When I'm not mouthing off about horror, I also talk about wrestling, Eagles football, and the current state of America.
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