Who is Silvio Simac? Stuntman? Badass Fighter? Up and Coming Action Star? Yes, Yes, and YES

Silvio, you’ve had the change to work with some great fighters and stars in films you’ve been a part of. Who are some of the best and are there any specific scenes or experiences that stand out?

For me, one of the biggest on screen fighting highlights has been working along Jet Li in Unleashed which was choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping known for his amazing action directing in all three Matrix films, as well as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Jet Li is and was at the time a reputable and established international brand thus having to come into contact with someone with such an impressive history and body of work behind him was an exciting prospect as an up and coming action actor. It was a new learning curve for me and incredibly valuable experience I have gained from it.

I saw that you’ve had the chance to play M. Bison. What is it like getting to portray such an iconic villain?

3 years before I played M. Bison in Street Fighter Resurrection, I had met up with an extremely talented Director, Joey Ansar with whom I have had the privilege to work with on a Bollywood production. Joey had been a fan of Street Fighter game for 3 decades and his vision was to portray all the characters and tell the story with hard core fans in mind. Joey felt I had close resemblance and likeness to M. Bison. This is when my research began as had never previously played Street Fighter game.

In this new one, you battle the undead and dragons in a fantasy world. While many of your other roles are more grounded in reality. Do you prefer a more fantastic role or one based in realism? Are there different things you prefer about each of them?

I like them both for different reasons as they present different challenges as an actor and a performer. Fantasy Adventure however taps into my own imagination and allows a greater degree of creativity whereas movies grounded in reality are easier to relate to with my own personal experiences of life.

What do you have on the horizon?

I have 3 up and coming movie releases, Out for Vengeance, Transit 17, and The Dark Kingdom. I am conducting a seminar along Scott Adkins in Greece in July and am filming comedy adventure Made in Chinatown in and around New York City over the summer. I am also publishing a book on Biomechanics of Martial Arts.

How can people follow what you’re up to on the Internet and social media?

You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram at @silviosimac

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