PUFF 2018: This Year’s Closing Film, LUCIFERINA, is Set to Bring the House Down

Luciferina is the closing feature of this year’s Philadelphia Unnamed Film festival. You can catch it at the Proscenium Theater at the Drake Sunday, September 9th at 8:00 PM. Click here for tickets and here for the full lineup.

Natalia, a 19 year old virgin nun returns home to say her final goodbye to her dying father. She reunites with her sister and her friends to go traveling to a jungle in search of a magical plant. Instead of finding pleasure in their journey they encounter a dark world of black masses, strange pregnancies, bloody deaths and a violent sexual clash with the Devil himself for Natalia.

Weird foreign horror films are a well known passion of mine that started at a very young age sitting in front the TV on a Saturday afternoon watching Captain USA’s Groovy Movies on the USA network (back when the station was watchable on the weekends). Luciferina can be added to the list of movies that I enjoyed watching even if it was a bit hard to keep up with but the payoff is so worth it.

Now you may notice that the film is nearly two hours in length but to myself I believe it is worth it due to the fact that the story can take it’s time playing itself out for the viewer in all of it’s vividly dreamlike glory the film blurs what is real and what is in Natalia’s mind (first shown in the shower scene and continues through out the film). The film was made on a small budget but had the look and feel of a Hollywood production with the use of it’s special effects and filming style.

If there is a overall theme of the movie my guess would be that there is a price to pay when you go aghast your core convictions, even it’s for noble purpose and once you step in that direction you can’t stop the hand of fate leading to your destiny no matter how much you fight.

Kudos to PUFF for bringing this occult horror movie to the American movie goers. If you are going there, you owe it to yourself to see it!

Kenny Fasolo
I'm a grumpy loudmouthed horror fan born in upstate NY, now living in South New Jersey with my girl. When I'm not mouthing off about horror, I also talk about wrestling, Eagles football, and the current state of America.
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