20 for 20: Adam Loves Him Some OLDBOY

I had just gone through a break up and was watching a lot of movies. My friend, Ken, was introducing me to a lot of foreign films: 8 1/2 Weeks (which, by the way, Quentin you’re welcome), Suspiria, and the beauty that is Oldboy.

It’s an amazing film, the 2nd in the Vengeance trilogy. I’ve seen all three and don’t remember any correlation between. Oldboy is obviously great, Lady Vengeance was beautiful, but kind of boring, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance was mediocre, but this one is truly a masterpiece.

Oldboy is a tale of a guy that wasn’t appreciating his life, went out on a bender, got arrested, and his life took a turn. His friend bailed him out, he stopped to call and tell the Mrs. he was one his way home. And then… boom… kidnapped. For 15 years. They kept him in the same windowless room, eating the same dumplings for FIFTEEN YEARS.

Then, he’s just dumped on a street with a wallet full of cash and anger. The rest of the film is devoted to the how and why he was imprisoned. It gets kind of difficult to describe the struggle of the rest of the film without spoilers… and spoiling this movie would be a sin.

I believe this film had the longest uninterrupted single take when it was made… and it is an impressive scene. Check the seen out below:


I should note that there is a remake. I like Josh Brolin, but this film is so beautifully done, there’s really no reason to remake it. Should also note I’ve only ever watched it with English dubs not written subtitles… thus, whichever your preference, there’s a perfect way for you to enjoy this film.

In other words, you want a beautiful, heart wrenching, violent romance made in early 2000s Korea, this is it! It’s essentially perfect, but don’t take my word for it.

If you haven’t seen this gem, it’s now streaming on Tubi and VUDU for free!

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