20 for 20: Cash Reviews THE RING, Even If Nobody Asked For It

In Cash’s next video of his new review series, he gives a spoiler heavy review of the The Ring as a special entry into our 20 for 20.

Check out Cash’s YouTube channel for video game playthroughs and other goofy fun that you’d expect a tween with an iPhone to spend his time recording!

Cash Hendrix Harlan
Mortal Kombatant / Resident Math Whiz
Cash is Justin's eldest son. He's smart (like way too smart for his own good, in fact) and extremely talented. As a mere 11 year old, he likes to fill notebooks with math equations, hand drawn comic books, and ideas for movie scripts. He's a burgeoning horrorhound and his first rated R movie involved a hero named Ripley and an evil alien queen. He plays flag football, Mortal Kombat on XBox, and french horn. He's definitely cooler than you.
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