DEAD DICKS Keeps You on Your Toes

When a movie begins with a completed suicide, it’s incredibly hard to predict what will follow. And whatever does follow would presumably be anti-climatic. It can put the audience in a peculiar situation. In Dead Dicks the director does a great job of keeping the audience on their toes throughout the movie.

As the movie slows down a pace, it follows a young bartender Rebecca. As she advances to the next stage of her life at nursing school. But as she’s on her shift, she gets some alarming voicemails from her brother Richie, which force her away from the bar so she can help him.

Richie is the man that commits suicide in the first scene.When Rebecca does find Richie he’s dead. Then alive but in a super manic state, trying to persuade her that he’s died three times and come back to life. After seeing this for herself, her attention moves to bigger things. Like the angry neighbor who has already called the building superintendent because of noise issues.

There are four dead versions of Richie, that the superintendent will probably be a bit more worried about then the noise. And as soon as they turn their efforts to dispersing the bodies, he finds Rebecca’s acceptance letter.

Richie’s reliance on his sister is overwhelming and his reaction to leaving convinces her to stay. As the movie unfolds Rebecca realizes, she may not have a choice whether she wants to stay or go. Sometimes the people close to us, hold us back the most. But sometimes the cost of actually losing that same person is much greater.

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